Fam trip LOVE VELO – Cycling

Fam Trip en Castellón – 23 y 24 febrero 2024

An experience was provided for both representatives of Love Velo enriching that highlighted the unique characteristics of Castellón de la Plana as a Ideal destination for cycling sports tourism:

  • Safe and well paved roads with great unevenness in the areas inland.
  • Accommodations and facilities first level.
  • The best Mediterranean diet
  • Sun more than 300 days a year.

The combination of impressive landscapes, routes. challenging and good tourist infrastructure developed highlighted the potential of the region to be able attract cyclists from all over the world. It is expected that this service generates interest among Love Veló customers and contribute to the growth of sports tourism in Castellón and therefore, the Valencian Community. In summary, the service provided by Trip Nature was an interesting step to promote cycling tourism in Castellón de la Plana and demonstrates its competitiveness in the British and global market. It is recommended to continue exploring collaboration opportunities with companies like Love Veló to strengthen Castellón’s position as an outstanding destination for cycling fans and professionals. This report is presented as a comprehensive evaluation of the service performed and as a guide for future strategies promotion and collaboration in the sports tourism sector in Castellón de la Plana.

Pictures of the event

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