Introducing Castellón tests the interest of Dutch tourists in the province

The product club participates in the Vakantiebeurs fair in Utrecht

During the Vakantiebeurs fair in Utrecht, Netherlands, from February 23rd to 25th, the Introducing Castellón Product Club participated for the first time, seeking to explore the interest of the Dutch market in Castellón’s tourist products. They focused on active leisure, presenting options such as hiking routes, cycling, and combinations of active leisure and gastronomy, which were well received by specialized operators. Although the lack of positioning of Castellón represents a challenge for its commercialization, it is seen as an opportunity to offer a new product within the Spanish offer. The connection with Valencia is remarkable, considering that the Netherlands is one of the main emitting markets for this city. The Club’s objective is to include destinations in Castellón in the 2024 catalogs of some specialized operators, given that the product is considered to match the expectations of the Dutch active leisure market.

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Pictures of the event

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