The Generalitat, Conhostur and the Council of Chambers promote the gastronomic and wine offer of the Valencian Community in Germany

The event took place this Tuesday afternoon in Frankfurt and Valencian chefs and sommeliers participated, inviting more than 70 German tour operators to discover the best of l’Exquisit Mediterrani.
The regional Secretary of Tourism, Cristina Moreno, who attended the event, highlights the notable rise of the German market in the Valencian Community, caused in part by the “good direct air connection.”

Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, the Hospitality and Tourism Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (Conhostur) and the Council of Chambers of the Valencian Community have presented this week in Frankfurt the best of L’Exquisit Mediterrani before more than 70 German agents and tour operators.

This is an action to promote a destination in the Valencian Community, in which renowned chefs have participated, such as José Manuel López from the Peix&Brases Restaurant; Alejandra Herrador and Emanuel Carlucci from Restaurante Atalaya; as well as the sommeliers Yvonne Arcidiacono from the Apicius Restaurant and Pedro Olivares, who have invited you to discover the excellent Valencian gastronomic and wine offering.

This event in Germany has also included a tourist presentation of the destination, along with networking, in which representatives of the Valencian tourism sector have participated with the tour operators attending the event.

The Valencian delegation in Frankfurt, chaired by the regional Secretary of Tourism, Cristina Moreno, was made up of representatives from Conhostur, the Council of Chambers, Introducing Castellón and AEVAV, among others, in addition to the tourist brands of Visit Benidorm, Visit València and Costa Blanca.

During her intervention, the regional Secretary of Tourism placed special emphasis on the notable rise of the German market in the Valencian Community, which accumulates year-on-year growth of more than 18% in 2023.

A dynamism fostered in part by the “good direct air connection with the main German airports,” said Cristina Moreno. The Valencian Community maintains non-stop flights with Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf or Nuremberg, among others.

During this promotional event, held on the afternoon of last Tuesday, December 12, the Generalitat announced the tourist offer of the Valencian Community, focusing on our climate, with an average annual temperature of 18º and 300 days of sunshine per year; on our coastline, with 450 kilometers of beaches and coves in the region with the most blue flags in all of Europe; in addition to the 22 natural parks, almost two thousand listed historical monuments and ten places declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Likewise, special emphasis has been placed on the capacity of the Valencian Community to host major sporting events, such as the Motorcycle Grand Prix or the Valencia Marathon; as well as the fact that it is the venue for some of the most notable music festivals in Europe.

Pictures of the event

Octavio González, Director Oficina Española de Turismo en Frankfurt, Javier Gallego, Director Introducing Castellón, Cristina Moreno, Secretaria Autonómica de Turismo GV, Enrique Criado, Cónsul General de España en Frankfurt.

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