Feria de la Magdalena 2022


Our festivals present a distinguishing component with regard to the celebrations of other towns and cities.  This city does not celebrate this festival in honor of Mary Magdalene, its patron saint, like most places, but to commemorate its origins.

The Lenten penitential pilgrimage, the historic memory the city’s move from the mountain to the fertile plain and the variable date of the third Saturday of Lent (currently Sunday) are three characteristics closely connected to the origin of our festivals: the pilgrimage. These elements constitute a clear cultural heritage of neighbors.

Through the Fair and Festival of the Mary Magdalene, we give testimony of a living city that maintains the spirit of its history that has become a metaphor; mythology, tradition, legend and history melt in the crucible of the popular culture of our land.


But at the same time, along with the traditional acts, a various mosaic of events have been added over the years. These acts together mange to attract and hook our neighbors and foreigners alike, adding a new value to our festivals: popular character.  During this 9 day festival, there is a continual flood of people in the street who participate in the wide array of festivities and activities offered.

Concerts, fireworks, performers, international musical groups, gaiatas (local festival monument) and collas (local festival groups) invade the street and take charge of the spring days and nights. The festival doesn’t seem to stop.  Every corner of Castellón has its moment.

With great respect to the traditions and with a large dose of innovation, year after year, efforts are renewed to offer a festival for and by all.  Our city of Castellón goes into the future excitement and hope.  We are an industrious town, a lover of traditions and open to new challenges, but we also know how to have fun.


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