We will stay in the car park of the Convent of the Carmelites, in the Desert of Las Palmas. We will begin the ascent until we border the Portería Vella, from where we enjoy privileged views of the entire Natural Park dotted with the buildings that the monks erected when they settled in this place.
We will continue climbing between a lush Mediterranean scrub until we reach the “careening”, area of ​​ridges where we will walk almost on the plain towards the Bartolo. On the climb, fun and adventurous, we will explain some of the natural secrets that this place hides.
At the top of our route, in the shadow of the cross of Alto del Bartolo we will know the history of this cross, the name of this mountain and a mysterious astronomer who lived here establishing mathematical calculations that accompany us, without knowing it, day by day .
We will have lunch with privileged views over the Benican coast and the Old Monastery of the Carmelites, an image of Benicàssim as a postcard.
Estimated total duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Place: Desert de les Palmes Natural Park
Distance of the route: 7 km
Recommended public: from 8 years
It includes:
* 2 guides-heritage interpreters
* Materials needed (prismatic, interpretive, etc.)
* Accident insurance
* Photo report of the experience

*English language

To consider:
– You must bring appropriate footwear and clothing for the activity, water (1, 5 L per person) and something sugary just in case.

– It is recommended to bring a hat and sunscreen in the months of March to October.

– Timetable: 09:30 to 13:30h / 17:00 to 21:00h

 ***Necessary transportation at the customer’s expense,  we can offer it with an additional cost***

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