“A Knight of Christ is a crusader at all times, being engaged in a double fight: in the face of the temptations of flesh and blood, as well as facing the spiritual forces of heaven.” He advances without fear. men or any demon. “
In the most remote corners, we will reconstruct the history of the legendary Order of the Temple and its terrible fall. From historical data, symbols and legends, we breathe the same dramatic atmosphere.
Just a century after the cruel process that eliminated the Order of the Temple from the face of the Temple, Pope Luna, Benedicto XIII, one of the most celebrated pontiffs in history, arrived in Peñíscola.
Between those same walls will be declared the Son of the Devil and will endure terrible sieges, wars, poisonings, betrayals …
His passage to the 97 years of age, in that sober fortress, would not mean the oblivion of history, his death was a suffocation by silence; it was, in short, the struggle between tenacity and oblivion. Going through those same spaces is still a fascinating experience today. He died on the slabs of a Templar building. Chance?
Start of the route: Touirst Office (next to the fishing port)
Meeting time: 10:30h
End of the route: Fishing port
Duration: 2 hours.
Difficulty: Low.
Recommended public: All audiences.
It includes:
Entrance to the Papa Luna Castle
Tuna tasting of Papa Luna
– Arrive 10 min. before the start of the route. We will start with punctuality.
– Wear comfortable shoes.

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