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RH Hotels Gift voucher

Enjoy the services offered by the hotel free of charge during your stay with this gift voucher, the amount of which can be discounted as the services are used.

The hotel offers a wide range of services, such as drinks at bars / restaurant, snacks and ice creams, Minibar, telephone, access to the SPA *, bicycle rental *, parking *, cots (except adults only hotels*).

**Provided that the selected hotel has this service and it’s not external to the establishment (see conditions below).

Valid for the following hotels and dates for Full Board :

Valid at the following hotels and dates for the Full Board regimes:

Hotel RH Princesa

Hotel RH Victoria

Hotel RH Royal

Hotel RH Corona del Mar

Hotel RH Sol

Sol Studios

RH Ifach Hotel

Hotel RH Bayren Parc

Hotel RH Gijon

Hotel RH Don Carlos

Hotel RH Casablanca

Hotel RH Vinaros Playa

Vinaros Studios

*Limited ammount

** This offer can only be accumulated with the RH member code

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