¡¡ The best Skydiving experience in Europe!!
Feel the adrenaline of jumping from an airplane from 4000m together with an instructor, and enjoy one ot the dreams most designed by the human being, ¡FLY!, without courses or previous classes.
The Tandem jump offers you the possibility to enjoy yourself as if you were a professional parachutist. The exclusive location offers to his clients the best views from the sky of the Costa Azahar.
After an explanation of 10 min, an ascent of 13 min. by plane at 4000 meters and joined by an instructor through an harness, you will enjoy of 50 exciting seconds of free fall and 7 min. of parachute flight.
The jump can be accompanied by an unforgettable recording and/or photo session made in free fall.

Preconditions to take into account to perform a tandem jump.
– Maximum weight 100 kg
– You can not consume alcohol or drugs 8 hours before the jump
– You can not practice diving during the 24 hours before the jump
– Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. In winter, we also recommended wear warm clothing, windbreaker and gloves
– You can jump from the age of 8, but up to 18 you need to provide the authorization of BOTH parents
– On the day of the jump, you must to go the skydiving center 1 hour before the time reserved for jumping. On our website you can find detailed directions to get there
– Bring printed the voucher or reference of the booking of the jump

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